1. Introduction

I first became aware of the existence of the Ekco A22T (A22 export model) whilst carrying out research into the different types of dial used by the standard domestic A22 model.

More recently, my thoughts again returned to this rare export version when I fortuitously acquired a semi-complete A22 chassis and the feasibilty of making a replica became a much more realistic proposition.

In common with all export sets, the model dispenses with the long wave band in favour of additional short wave ranges. Specifically, the wavebands offered on the A22T are - medium wave (M) 550-1500 kHz and two short wave bands, (S2) 3.0-8.5 MHz and (S1) 8.5-23.0 MHz.

Therefore, to successfully build a replica not only would I have to reproduce the correct dial used by the A22T, but calculate and wind the appropriate short wave aerial/oscillator coils required, then carry out a complete rebuild of the coil-pack/band-switching section in order to offer the correct wavebands.

Other than those two major differences, the A22T is virtually identical to the standard A22 model. The only further minor difference of note, is the additional voltage tap selections found on the mains transformer.

Those who have read some of my articles in the BVWS (British Vintage Wireless Society) magazine - "The Bulletin", will not be surprised to learn that I am very fond of the round Ekco models. So much so, that gradually over time not only have I acquired examples of complete models, but have also amassed various useful bits and pieces as well.

For the A22 model in particular the spares included a walnut brown bakelite case, a couple of back covers, and several control knobs. Those parts would finally be utilised to good effect during the course of this project.