11. The ETR92

In 1960 Bush released a further export set, the ETR92. In the relatively short time since the release of the ETR82 the previous year, the high frequency limitation of available transistors had improved to the point of allowing an all-transistorised set to be produced.

The model used the new Mullard OC17x range of transistors in place of the frequency changer valve in the ETR82 model.

Bush also took the opportunity to extend the upper range of the short wave coverage a little to 22 MHz (13m-band).

The colour scheme was again the familiar pale blue/green case, blue rexine band and chrome metal trim. As with the ETR82, the set had a built-in telescopic aerial.

Low serial number ETR92's appear identical to the ETR82 apart from minor dial differences due to the extended short wave range.

However, those ETR92's with a higer serial number have the addition of a headphone socket on the left hand side of the set.

Battery supply for the ETR92 was 9 volts made up from 6 x U2 cells instead of the 9 volt PP9 battery used by the domestic sets. Presumably this was done because U2 cells were more readily available than the PP9 overseas.