10. The ETR82

Now for the most unusual and possibly also the rarest set of the series. Released in 1959 the ETR82 was the second of the export sets and is unique for a couple of reasons.

First, it is a hybrid (i.e. valve and transistor) and second, I believe it is the only hybrid set that Bush ever made.

The circuitry is basically the front end of the EBM60 cut and spliced to the audio section of the TR82. This was done because the short wave coverage of the ETR82 extended to 18 MHz (16m-band) and the Mullard OC4x series transistors available at the time could not be guaranteed to operate reliably at that high a frequency.

Bush got around the problem by using a solitary DK96 valve to perform the task of frequency changer with transistors used throughout the rest of the circuit.

The HT supply for the valve was produced from a miniature transistorised inverter (giving around 65 volts) fed from the main 9 volt supply (6 x U2 cells) used for the transistors. The LT for the valve was from another single U2 cell.

Unlike the EBM60, the rear trim was not used as a pseudo short wave aerial. The ETR82 has a proper built-in telescopic aerial instead of a detachable one which is easily seperated from the set and so lost.

The colour scheme of the set was pale blue/green case, blue rexine band and chrome metal trim as per the TR82C model.