9. The EBM60

The EBM60 was the first export set and as its model number suggests is the export version of the MB60, both models being released at around the same time in 1957.

The EBM60 shares the same colour scheme as the MB60 too, that is light grey case, red rexine band and brass trim but the dial is clearly different having short-wave scales and legends in addition to medium-wave.

Interestingly the long strip of brass metal trim at the back of the set doubles as a pseudo internal short wave aerial, however a separate plug-in telescopic aerial was also provided with the set which greatly improves reception.

Like the MB60 the set uses five Mullard Dx96 series battery valves and is mains or battery powered, using HT (Ever Ready B131) and LT (2 x U2 cells) batteries.