13. The Indian ETR92

When I first came across this model I initially thought it to be a standard ETR92, however upon closer scrutiny it became clear it had a number of subtle, yet significant differences.

This ETR92 bears a type/serial plate underneath stating that it was manufactured in India. Its type number being 551 and chassis number A401, both indicating it was produced later than its British counterpart which is type 421 and uses chassis A253.

But why manufacture an already existing model in India rather than import? The reason would appear to be the severe importation and foreign ownership laws introduced by the Indian government after India gained independence.

The plastic front, top and rear panels appear to identical in all respects to the other models in the series, but the middle rexine covered section has been formed from bent plywood. It is not clear why plywood should have been used, but the curved sections must have been time consuming to make in this material to say the least.

Note: The Celestion loudspeaker used also bears a "Made in India" label.

The images here show my example of the Indian ETR92 in the condition I acquired it. I am fairly confident that the telescopic antenna is a replacement and that the original would have had the familiar red 'pip' on its top section.

It will also be obvious that several holes have been drilled through the wooden middle section for some unfathomable reason by a previous owner and will need filling and disguising during the upcoming restoration process.