3. The TR82

Following on the success of the initial design Bush released in 1959 the TR82, a transistorised version of the MB60.

The initial models released were the TR82B and the TR82C, the difference only being in the colour scheme offered.

The TR82B model has a dark cream case with a brown rexine band around the middle and as with the MB60 the metal trim on the set is brass.

Whilst the colour of TR82B case is best described as "dark cream" or "mushroom" in shade, Bush described the colour themselves as "Regency Cream".

The TR82C model has a pale blue/green case with a blue rexine band around the middle, metal trim on these sets being chrome.

Instead of battery valves this set uses seven Mullard OC-series transistors. Unlike the MB60 the set is battery powered only, using a 9 volt Ever Ready PP9 or equivalent.