2. The MB60

Released in 1957 the MB60 is a two band portable designed for AC mains or battery operation, hence the model being designated "MB" for Mains/Battery.

The set is switched over from one power source to the other by the mains lead operating a simple switch arrangement when the plug is inserted or withdrawn from its socket.

The set uses five Mullard Dx96 series battery valves, which was one more than typical four valve designs of the time due to the circuit having an extra IF amplifier. This made the set a good deal more sensitive than many of its rivals.

It covers the reception of the long and medium wavebands using an internal ferrite rod with provision to plug in an external aerial via a socket at the rear.

The moulded plastic case is light grey in colour with a red rexine band around the middle, brass being used for the "B U S H" lettering and the trim.

Initially the MB60 was designed to operate using an Ever Ready B147 battery or equivalent, which is a combined HT and LT unit.

However the decision was made to modify the original chassis to allow the use of separate HT (Ever Ready B131) and LT (2 x U2 cells) batteries instead.

All MB60's with serial numbers 12001 onwards have the modified chassis arrangement.

The chassis remains electrically identical just some of the components, most noticeably the DL96 output valve and some large electrolytic capacitors, have been repositioned to accomodate the different battery types.